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What to Know

It is a process of enlarging the breast or reshaping it. Augmentation process is done by placing a sterile water sac or silicone implants behind breast tissue or under chest muscle.

There are different ways to put these implants. The most common technique is to make a cut underside the breast and the surgeon places the implant through this opening. Endoscope may also be used in an opening under the arms to insert the implants.

There is another technique, which is performed through making an opening in the areola (the dark area around the nipple) and inserting the implants through this opening. But this method causes problems in breast feeding and loss of sensation in this area.

Another type of implant addition is through an opening near the belly button, and by using the endoscope, the implant is moved upwards to the breast area and filled with saline.

Type of surgery and implant can affect:

  • How much pain you have after the procedure
  • The appearance of your breast
  • The risk for the implant breaking or leaking in the future
  • Your future mammograms

This procedure is done for several reasons, including:

– To improve the appearance of that area for people who think that it needs an improvement.

– To correct a loss in breast volume after pregnancy.

– To correct defects in breast size, when there are differences between the breasts.

– To restore the shape after partial or complete loss due to various reasons.

– To replace existing implants.

It should be noted that this procedure is contraindicated in women with untreated breast cancer or those who suffer from pre-malignant breast conditions.

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