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It is a surgical procedure that raises your eyebrows. This process improves the appearance of your forehead, your brow, and area around the eyes and is used as means to cover the signs of aging.

This process helps hide the wrinkles in your forehead area. This procedure is done if you have low brow or if there is asymmetry between your brows. Age is the major cause for the brows to move down as the skin starts losing elasticity making wrinkles that shortens the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelid. Brow lifting can increase your confidence as it restores a more refreshing pleasant appearance.

There are several techniques that are used to lift your eyebrow, which are chosen by your surgeon according to your case

Endoscopic browlift: Small incisions are made behind the hairline and an endoscope is inserted through one of these incisions to view muscles and tissues. and by using another instrument, tissues are fore- lifted and anchored with sutures or another technique.

Coronal brow lift: Incision is made behind the hairline from ear to ear or on the top of the head. And the forehead is lifted to a new position with the scalp. Then remaining scalp is sewed.

Hairline brow lift: Incision is made between the top of forehead and beginning of hairline. Some skin is removed from the forehead.

Our own Dr. Pier Francesco Mancini is an expert in performing endoscopic brow lift.

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