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Surgery: What to Know

Medical Village is equipped with two surgical lasers: the Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, and the Radio Frequency laser (RF) These lasers can be used to perform a number of same day surgeries that require minimal or no downtime, less painful, less bleeding and scarring. With faster recovery than traditional surgery.

These lasers emit light beams that can be focused on a very small area and the converted heat affects the cells in the area being treated until they ‘burst’. Laser surgery uses this light to remove diseased tissues. These are several types of lasers, each having a specific use. The color of the light beam emitted by each laser is directly related to the type of surgery being performed and the color of the tissue of the area being treated.

With this technology we are able to perform surgeries without the need for hospitalization, however we judge each case separately, and while we may perform the surgery for one patient in-house, we may require another patient to have it at one of the many reputable established hospitals we are in relationship with.



General Surgery

At Medical Village, we use the latest of approved devices and laser technologies to perform the surgeries. Our own Dr. Hamid Taghaddos,

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Skin Surgery

Skin surgery includes a wide array of procedures that are performed by our surgeons to remove various kinds of benign and malignant skin defects

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