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Skin Rejuvenation by PicoSure

Laser skin rejuvenation at one trillionth of a second – introducing Picosure Focus at Medical Village.

Described as a breakthrough for patients who are seeking a way to improve their skin and reduce signs of ageing without the risks normally associated with traditional lasers, Picosure uses ‘PressureWave’ technology to help combat the likes of wrinkles and acne scars, as well as a wide variety of pigment issues.

Essentially, what makes this laser so different to others with similar results, is that this technology doesn’t rely on heat to burn away and destroy skin to force the body to heal – which means less pain and minimal downtime for the patient.

Because it is not a heat-based laser, it can treat all skin types, from the lightest to darkest skin.

Instead, it is made up of a unique wavelength of light (755mm) and a specialised lens which converts this highly-targeted energy into gentle pressure, designed to squeeze cells and activate the natural cell signalling process, creating a stimulation in the body of new collagen and elastin – without burning or damaging the skin.

Ideal for treating things like freckles, sunspots and other discolorations, Medical Village is proud to be the first clinic in the whole of middle east to be equipped with  PicoSure