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What to Know

Pigmented lesions refer to lesions that are black, brown, or blue in color. They develop their color due to melanin, blood, or tattoo ink.

In Medical Village we treat these pigments through combination using the latest approved laser technologies, chemical peeling procedure, brightening and whitening treatments, and injections.

Laser therapy presents one of the solutions to treat these lesions. Currently here in Medical Village we utilize the use of PicoSure as it is the best device that the market has to offer. PicoSecond has an advanced system which allows a better targeting and removal of pigmented lesions that produces unparalleled results when it comes to tackling the removal of these pigments with minimal discomfort.

We treat conditions like:

Age and sun spots

Melasma & Brown spots


Café-au-lait spots

Brightening & Whitening


Port wine stains